My First Weigh In

Well, actually I’m not really sure it should be called a weigh-in.  I have eaten out and not stuck to my guns much this week. The good news is that I am still at my starting weight, 218. I have maintained. 

Seriously, this week I am going to give some real effort to this. My downfall is sweets and all I have in the house is some dark chocolate which is totally fine and I plan on having a couple of squares every night. 

For those who don’t know, I have been fighting this weight problem for almost 6 years now. In high school I never had a weight problem but after my senior year it started. I think it was a combo of mindless eating and no exercise.  In high school I was always walking or dancing or something to keep me active. Not consciously, it just happened that way.  Now I rarely do anything like that. My days involve making dinner, cleaning a bit, and watching the kids.  I am about to flip my world on its head.

This week I will stay on plan 100%- this is my promise to myself. No junk food at all. In addition, I will stretch every day. This is a personal thing for me as I feel better when I stretch all of the time.  Starting next week if I get this week down 100% it will be time to incorporate some gym time.  It is starting to get cold outside and the normal Nicole would be her hermit crab self and avoid the outdoors at every cost…not this year.  I plan to bundle up and take walks with the kids or take them to the playground.  After almost six years, it is time to take back my life. Everything is great in my life right now in every way, so why shouldn’t my body follow suit?

On a side note- dinner last night was blazing.  I made this recipe: Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Blue Cheese and Pecans

from Rachel Ray. You must try it. We served ours with carrot/parsnip fries and broccoli. By the way carrots fries are just carrots cut into sticks and put in the oven at 425 degrees for about 30-40 minutes or until they start to brown…they kind of taste like sweet potato fries when they come out. Delish.

Interested to know if anyone has a favorite vegetable dish. I am always looking for new side dishes.  Right now we do various veggie “fries” (carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, green bean), roasted veggies of all kinds, broccoli, etc.  If anyone has a killer side dish veggie recipe you want to share, please do.

Until tomorrow…


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