Crafty Little me

I love all things artsy or crafty. Always have, always will. I think my creative side is my strongest side. I don’t do as much creating as I would like but I am working on remedying that slowly but surely. The list of things I am interested in but not limited to is:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography
  • Art (Drawing, Painting, Pottery, etc.)
  • Cake Decorating
  • Sewing


I love to scrapbook. It is no secret to the people who know me. I can get lost for hours scrapping page after page. I used to scrap normally- with paper products but now I am a digital scrapper. It is so much less mess and I can use the supplies over and over. It is much cheaper and I can do some really cool things that just can’t be achieved with normal paper scrapping. Here are some of my favorite pages I have created: (Click to enlarge)









I love taking pictures. I am currently biding my time waiting to be able to purchase the camera of my dreams. When I get said camera I plan to put it to good use and hopefully make a hobby out of it. In the meantime here are some of my favorite photos I have taken- keep in mind this is a point and shoot camera, but a good one nonetheless. I have photoshopped them as well. (Click to enlarge)





Unfortunately as much as I love art it has been many years since I have actually done any. I love to draw and I am not very good at painting though I want to be. I did go paint some pottery not too long ago but it was nothing super awesome. This I something I plan to get back into though and I can’t wait!

Cake Decorating

This is something I have always wanted to dabble in but never did. I could look at pictures of crafty baked goods all day long. I may or may not have actually done that before… At any rate my favorite site to see these things on is:


I took clothing in high school and really got into sewing at that time. I do not yet own a sewing machine but plan to in the near future. I have so many things I want to make I will probably be sewing for the rest of my life once I start.

Artsy things never get old for me. Do you guys have any hobbies or things you just love?

Tomorrow is weigh-in and we will see how I did even after going off plan at McD’s…don’t miss it!


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