Gingerbread of My Dreams

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty normal but still wonderful.

On Saturday night when Aaron got home we talked and then decided we needed some food. We got take-out from McAllister’s- we hadn’t eaten there in such a long time because the last time we did it was sub-par. This time however, it was amazing. I got the combo of half salad/half spud and added a cup of soup. The salad was an Autumn Salad that had dried cranberries, almonds, onions, turkey, and a shallot vinaigrette dressing. It was delicious. For the spud I chose half of a spud max- their best spud on the menu. Then the soup was a potato soup of some sort and it did not disappoint. After dinner we watched some TV and then it was off to bed.

Sunday we got up and had some McD’s again out of convenience and needing groceries. I went to get said groceries while Aaron watched the kids and football simultaneously. The kids love football as young as they are- especially Carly. When she sees it on television she yells “football” and any time someone gets excited while watching football she yells “touchdown” and throws her arms up like a cheerleader. It is adorable. So anyways, I go to the store and it is a much needed break from being mom. When I got back I set the kids up in the kitchen with some rice in a huge container and let them play like it was sand. They had a blast. Shortly after we decided it was time for dinner. As I was getting ready I decided to put more effort than normal into it and curled my hair with my straightener. If you haven’t seen this you should YouTube it because it is amazing. My hair looked awesome and I was hungry so we headed out. We ended up at Red Robin. We got their wings for an appetizer and they were very good- perfect amount of spice to them. For the meal, Aaron and I split the Bleu Ribbon Burger and it is always good. Then for dessert- which is the reason I wanted to go there to begin with, we had the Gingerbread Milkshake.


Holy yum! It is the best milkshake in the world hands down. I am a milkshake genius so all of your arguments are invalid. Seriously, it rocks. Run and go try it. Now. I’ll wait.

Back so soon? Awesome wasn’t it? I rest my case.

After dinner we watched some Supernatural (oh how I love you Dean Winchester) until the football game came on.


Giants vs. Eagles is always interesting and this was no exception. Once again our Giants lost but that’s okay- next week hopefully we will win. After that we were off to bed.

So that was my weekend- I want to hear about everyone else’s. Today is pretty much a do nothing kind of day so I’m off to do just that!


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