Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Though I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year I still love to look at all of the wonderful recipes I see online and drool over them.  In my family Thanksgiving and Christmas foods are pretty much interchangeable so I will be able to keep these recipes in mind for when the time comes.  You will not see a turkey recipe on here at all because I am very much a ham person- and a buy it already cooked and sliced person at that.  I do not know how to slice a ham properly and I will not be attempting to learn any time soon.  So with that here are some of the recipes I found online while searching that I thought were noteworthy.

Thanksgiving Stuffing Hushpuppies


Cauliflower Carrot Herb Mash


Balsamic Onions and Roasted Brussel Sprouts


Tart Cranberry Sauce


Carrot Cake


Pumpkin Pie


Deviled Eggs


All of the recipes above are paleo/primal friendly or most certainly real food.  I love Thanksgiving and often wonder why this amazing food is held to only twice a year.  I assume it is because of the cooking time involved.  Just the other day my mother-in-law suggested we go out to eat…umm no.  I love a home cooked Thanksgiving meal and hers is exceptional.

Does your family go out to eat on Thanksgiving or cook it themselves?

I won’t be here tomorrow because of said holiday but I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


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