My husband and I were talking yesterday about vacations and how we want to take them.  Last year we took 3 vacations, each lasting 3-4 days.  Two of them were to Myrtle Beach, SC and one was to Emerald Isle, NC…both beaches are in our backyard so to speak.  Aaron said he would like to take one really great one every year and I am totally on board with that.  In past years that is exactly what we have done.

In 2006 we went to Negril, Jamaica to Couples Negril.  The Couples resort we went to was amazing.  We went for 7 days and lived it up.  We slept as late as we wanted and ate whatever we wanted.  We did not do any excursions because we were too lazy.  We had an awesome view from our room.  The food was wonderful and too this day we long to go back.

In 2007 we went to Cancun, Mexico.  We stayed at one of the many resorts and while our room was wonderful and it was gorgeous there, we know we will never go back.  The air conditioning in our room was almost non-existent and the food we had was horrible.  I got a sunburn there on day 2 and it really limited us so we never did get to go parasailing or jet skiing like we had planned to do.  The highlight of that trip was our housekeeping lady.  Her name was Eloisa and she was awesome.  We formed a friendship with her over our stay and one day hope to run across her again. 

So the other night we started talking about places we want to vacation.  We don’t want to go out of the country with the kids until they are a little bit older so that left us with the USA at our disposal.  For us a vacation needs to be in a place with variety…if it rains there are indoor activities, plenty of things to do and places to eat, a beach or some form of water is nice, etc.  So after much brainstorming we think our next vacation will likely be San Diego, California. 

Neither of us have ever been to California and would both love to go.  We know that the beaches there are touted to be kid-friendly.  We are also both very into the zoo.  I just love animals so much and I know the kids would love to see them too.  Combine those two things with the fact that I love to go new places and we are set.  We probably won’t go until October next year but that gives me plenty of time to work out all of the details.  I can’t wait.

How do you/your family vacation? Any places I should be considering?


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