Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Though I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year I still love to look at all of the wonderful recipes I see online and drool over them.  In my family Thanksgiving and Christmas foods are pretty much interchangeable so I will be able to keep these recipes in mind for when the time comes.  You will not see a turkey recipe on here at all because I am very much a ham person- and a buy it already cooked and sliced person at that.  I do not know how to slice a ham properly and I will not be attempting to learn any time soon.  So with that here are some of the recipes I found online while searching that I thought were noteworthy.

Thanksgiving Stuffing Hushpuppies


Cauliflower Carrot Herb Mash


Balsamic Onions and Roasted Brussel Sprouts


Tart Cranberry Sauce


Carrot Cake


Pumpkin Pie


Deviled Eggs


All of the recipes above are paleo/primal friendly or most certainly real food.  I love Thanksgiving and often wonder why this amazing food is held to only twice a year.  I assume it is because of the cooking time involved.  Just the other day my mother-in-law suggested we go out to eat…umm no.  I love a home cooked Thanksgiving meal and hers is exceptional.

Does your family go out to eat on Thanksgiving or cook it themselves?

I won’t be here tomorrow because of said holiday but I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

So I am not a huge fan of Starbucks.  Actually, I’m not a huge fan of coffee in general. The only exceptions I have are blended coffee drinks and cappuccino’s from the machines in convenience stores.  Other than those two things, coffee is always way to bitter for me to stand.

Today Aaron and I had an errand to run and it just so happens Starbucks is having a special buy one get one offer on their holiday drinks from 2-5pm for the next few days.  I love holiday themed anything so I decided to go for it and told Aaron to get me the pumpkin spice but make it blended.  Apparently the offer is only good on the coffee’s so that is what I ended up with. I got the Pumpkin Spice coffee and he got the Peppermint Mocha coffee. When I heard that I decided not to drink mine because I just don’t like coffee- but the cold weather won out and I ended up trying it.


Surprisingly, I actually liked it!  I drank half of my pumpkin spice before I knew it and then decided I just had to try the peppermint mocha.  Holy yum!  The peppermint mocha tasted like peppermint hot chocolate.  It was like dessert in a drink form.  I have to say, Starbucks totally delivered for me for the first time ever.  Now I just can’t wait to try the gingerbread flavor.

So if you guys are out and about through the 20th I believe it is, then stop into Starbucks between 2 and 5pm and take advantage of the buy one get one free deal because in my opinion it is totally worth it.  I actually can’t believe I am saying this because I was a total Starbucks hater, but these drink deliver I promise.  Mmmkk? Mmmmkk.


The older I get the more things start to matter that never did before.  One of the things lately that I have begun to care more about is what I put into my body.  I was thinking back yesterday about the things I’ve eaten/drank throughout the years… The list is extensive so obviously I’m not going to elaborate on it too much.  When I lived at home we had things like macaroni and tomatoes, cornbread and pinto beans, basically vegetarian meals for the most part even though we weren’t vegetarians.  We also ate out a lot and that is something I took with me to adulthood and am slowly trying to change.  But the one major detriment to my diet my whole life is the sugar and chemicals in food.

Sugar is something in food that I didn’t really start to care about until recently.  I was always focused on things like calories, fat, and fiber. But sugar is something we should all be looking at when we purchase food.  Seriously, it is in everything.  This is one of the reasons as a family we are trying to eat more clean foods (foods in their natural state).  Next time you are at the store just pick some things up and look at the sugar content- it is really ridiculous.  For instance- flavored yogurt.  The container says low fat and all that jazz, and hey it’s only 100 calories so it sounds like a good healthy choice, right?  Wrong.  Flavored yogurt has so much sugar in it you may as well have had two sodas. After all, sodas are fat free and not many more calories- heck you can even get them calorie free now.  As I get older I just don’t want to give that crap to my family or myself anymore.

Chemicals are also an issue I am finding that I never looked at before.  My new rule of thumb is that if I don’t know what it is on the ingredients list, we don’t buy it.  I don’t know about you but I’m not really down with putting chemicals in my body- would you drink window cleaner?  Me either. 

So since becoming aware of these two things shopping in the grocery store is somewhat hard to do.  There are very few packaged foods I can get my hands on that aren’t what I like to call “frankenfoods”. Because of this out cabinets are pretty bare lately.  Our refrigerator is stuffed however.  We have plenty of meats, veggies, fruits, dark chocolate, and some dairy.  My cabinets pretty much have cooking aids in them- oils, vinegars, spices, condiments.  So it is very far from what it started out as.  There was a time that it was reversed.  My freezer was full of convenience foods, pantry full of junk, and refrigerator full of wilted produce.

The sugar habit for me is a hard one to break.  I love sweets and desserts.  I am able to cut sugar out of normal foods but every night I fight eating dessert.  I am very much the person who could do without the main meal and eat a salad and dessert at a restaurant and be fine with it. This week so far I have stayed on track. I have dark chocolate on hand and have 2 squares of it and it has been helping me.  If I find I still want something sweet afterwards I have been having a honeycrisp apple.  They are really good and remind me of almost sour candy.  When you eliminate sugar fruit starts tasting really good and sweet all by itself. 

From now on if I absolutely have to have a dessert it has stipulations it has to meet.  I want the real deal if I am going to have it.  That means I will pass on prepackaged desserts and only have the homemade ones that are really good.  Generally I like things I would never make at home because of laziness or lack of ingredients- chocolate crème brulee anyone?  

What things do you look at on food labels? Do you even look at labels?  What do you try to avoid, if anything?

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and I will be back Monday! Adios.


I’m baaacckkk!

I’m back again…I know a lot of y’all thought I wasn’t coming back, yeaahhhh. Okay I got that song out of my system, thank goodness.

I realize I have been on a really long hiatus and I really have no excuses for it except that life got in the way. I didn’t have a system to keep myself on track blog-wise, but relax, now I do. So here is the plan:

Monday: Weekend re-cap

Tuesday: Random

Wednesday: Weigh In

Thursday: Random

Friday: Food

This is a rough plan but I think it will help keep me grounded with the blog. I need to stay grounded with this blog because I need an outlet and this is it. Plus I am super nosy and like to know about other people’s lives and I am assuming I am not the only one so I thought I’d be nice and let everyone in on mine. So without further ado- here is the Friday food post.


Lately my life in food is vastly different. I have stumbled across a way of eating known as Primal or Paleo. I like to combine the two and call it Primaleo. Without getting into a long drawn out discussion about it I will break it down into simple terms:

What I can’t have

-No sugar

-No grains (this means pasta, bread, rice, etc.)

-No corn

What I can have








I know some of you are thinking- wow that sounds extreme. Trust me I am not missing anything, I get bacon, enough said. I am not doing this as much for the weight loss as I am for my health. I have seen through trial and error that me and bread do not equal harmony. So I said all that to lead into my food post because I didn’t want anyone to be confused at my lack of grains.

I didn’t take pictures of my dinner this week so instead of posting a recipe I thought I might post some pictures of recipes I intend to try very soon. In case any of you have yet to stumble upon it- Pinterest is the best website on the internet and if you don’t use it you are missing out! Okay- here we go!!


Paleo “Corn Bread”


Fall Harvest Soup


Mushroom, Sweet Potato, and Smoked Gouda Soup


Autumn Chopped Salad


Paleo Pumpkin Bread <— This was divine.


Coconut Blueberry Bark

I have so many more I could post but you would be looking at pictures all day long. Next Friday I will more than likely have a recipe to share. If anyone has any recipes they would like me to work on then leave them in the comments. I am so glad to be back and I will see you all on Monday!!