Tickets And Twilight

Hey guys! How was everyone’s weekend? Hope it was good. Mine was.

On Saturday night Aaron had to deliver a car to Apex, NC about 2.5 hours away from our house so I went with him to keep him company. We have taken these “road trips” many times since he has been in the car business and I love them. We left out late in the day and so we stopped and grabbed a small snack at Mc D’s- no it wasn’t on plan but in a crunch fast food is all I had and will never be on plan. We hit the highway and talked about our days and played the question game.

Whenever we have excess time on our hands and need a way to kill it we play this game where we think of questions and let the other person think of their answer and then try to guess it. So Aaron will ask me if I could go anywhere for my next vacation where would it be- I think about it and tell him when I have my answer- and he guesses until he gets it right or gives up. We think it’s fun because we are always surprised at how well we know each other. It is also fun to see how our answers change over the years. We have played this game since we got together so it is kind of a relationship staple for us.

We got to Apex about 9pm and the people were so awesome. Side note: Why is it that when I meet other people that I could totally be friends with and hang out with and really like they always live too far away? They had an 18 month old which was awesome for Carly and Cameron… while they signed paperwork our kids played and before I knew it we were headed back home. On the way home we just chatted and I was on Aaron the entire time about speeding.

When we go out I am constantly nagging him telling him to slow down to 9 over so he won’t get a ticket. Well I think he heard it about 100 times Saturday night. And guess what?

He got a ticket!

That’s right. He got popped not 20 minutes from home going 80 in a 65. Five mph less and no ticket- but my husband is hard-headed so now we owe the wonderful state of NC $200.00- and of that $188.00 are court costs…really? Anyways, suffice it to say he probably learned his lesson…or maybe not. One can only hope.

Sunday we got up and went to TGI Fridays for lunch because I had a coupon and we were going to be gone all day. I had the Jack Daniels Salmon and shrimp and it was really good. And don’t let me leave out the vanilla bean cheesecake. I love it so. We left there and went to the casual Male XL store to pick up Aaron’s birthday present (late getting here) and then rode to his parent’s house to watch the NY Giants game.

Long story short- Giants lost and it makes me sad so I don’t care to discuss it 🙂 From there we came back home and watched half of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse before going to bed.

And yes- I am a twilight fan. Definitely not the “camp outside in the pouring rain” type but I do love the books and I think the movies are pretty good. I am also a Harry Potter fan. Clearly I have some growing up to do. I came across these online and thought they were pretty funny- anyone who knows these movies will get it… otherwise you probably won’t get it and should skip ahead.






You can click on any of them to enlarge them if you can’t see them good enough. They made me laugh and I hope they do the same for you.

At any rate it is super late or super early depending on how you look at it and I need some shut eye.

Toodles 🙂


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